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Help shoppers find the best health & beauty products for their needs

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The Emma ScoreTM guides shoppers to health and beauty products they will love

Predictive scores for hair, skin, and wellness products

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Personalized Interaction

Shoppers share their traits and product preferences with Emma

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Real-time, Data-driven Scores

Instant scores guide shoppers to products that match their specific needs

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Clear Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking reveals the traits of browsers who become buyers

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Expert Beauty Care Advice

Shoppers receive advice from experts who understand their needs

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Proprietary Technology combines cosmetic science and the insights of professional health & beauty experts

The Emma ScoreTM uses proprietary algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to predict a beauty care product's ability to perform for a shopper's specific needs.

Unique Beauty Profiles reveal the specific traits of your best customers

Data collected via the Emma ScoreTM plugin offers a unique view of your shoppers that goes beyond typical demographics. Understanding the beauty traits of your best customers enables personalized marketing and product development at scale.

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Guide customers to health & beauty products they will love with the Emma ScoreTM

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